DXing Statistics


Below are DXing statistics reports for all operations in central New England over the past 20 years. I've operated from 7 different QTHs in northeastern Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire.

The reports will open in a separate browser window. These reports are generated using DXtreme Station Log Multimedia Edition by DXtreme Software, which incidentally is developed by my Dad, NE1I (shameless plug).

HF Reports

HF — DXCC Entities 
HF — Bands Report 
160 Meters DXCC Entities 
160 Meters Top 10 Distances 
RTTY DXCC Entities 
PSK31 Entities 

VHF+ Reports

6 Meters 
6 Meters — Entities 
6 Meters — Grids 
6 Meters — States 
6 Meters Top 10 Distances 
2 Meters 
2 Meters — Grids 
2 Meters — States 
2 Meters Top 10 Distances 
70 Centimeters 
70 Centimeters — Grids 
70 Centimeters — States 

Important Notes for Viewing Reports 
1. You must be using Microsoft Internet Explorer, V6.0 or later, and have cookies enabled.

2. The report will begin by having you specify preferences. Specify the number of records you want per page and then click OK.

3. If you are using a dial-up connection to the Internet, permit up to one minute for the report to appear after setting preferences.

4. Report section hyperlinks appear under "DXtreme Station Log" on the upper-left side of the Active Report Viewer.
If you cannot see the report hyperlinks, place your mouse cursor just above the scroll bar on the left side of the browser until you see a double-arrow cursor. Hold down the left mouse button and drag the mouse to adjust the size of the top frame.

5. An on-line Help system comes with the Active Report Viewer to help you view and sort the reports.









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